CENTIPEDE is contracting with quality long term care, ABA, home and community based providers and Nurse Practitioners to deliver a top tier network of qualified and credentialed providers nationwide.

As a CENTIPEDE provider you will change lives by providing the RIGHT CARE at home. Join us!
The CENTIPEDE network is for ALL Americans and ALL PAYORS. CENTIPEDE contract to provide a network of home based providers for:

CENTIPEDE is inclusive and collaborative!
CENTIPEDE is focused on creating a robust network infrastructure of one network of credentialed health and health service providers that may be accessed by ALL PAYORS and ALL AMERICANS.

Our goal is to keep it simple and not duplicate efforts.

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What is the Centipede Health Network?

Centipede is a network of healthcare and support service providers that assist patients in achieving and maintaining independence, improved health status, timely and quality access to care.
Centipede is a mark of excellence that provides patients and their families with the comfort of knowing that they have access to the best providers available through their health plans. Join today!

Isn't the name "CENTIPEDE" a little unusual?
Unusual is a great an adjective it means: out of the ordinary; uncommon; extraordinary.
Wouldn't you say that it's time to be out of the ordinary, uncommon and extraordinary in health care delivery?
At CENTIPEDE, the time is now for unusual and extraordinary.

The CENTIPEDE logo illustrates 100 ways to better health... we're passionate about connecting the dots to create relationships and service access for our providers, patients and payors that make a difference!